Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have pretty intense Spring Fever, I think that everyone does at this point. I want the grass to be green, the sky to be blue, and to sit outside and not shiver. Today belonged almost entirely to spring, and I was so busy I wasn't able to enjoy it.

-- is getting married in June. I'm pretty sure the girl he is marrying is the girl he was dating while he was dating me... ugh...I just want him to apologize for being so terrible to me. I don't expect it will ever happen. At least I will be out of the country when he gets married.

My only regret about going to London is that I can't afford an entirely new wardrobe to go with me. I've been saving all my money for so long...I miss fashion!

THE boy in my french class talked to me today. We were walking out of class, and he stopped and asked me how I was doing. Unfortunately at the time my hands were full so I was holding my water bottle with my teeth and there was food spilled down my shirt from dinner. Not my most flattering moment...but still...he talked to me...gheee!

I don't know what it is about him. He's not the most attractive person I've ever seen. He's not even the most attractive boy in the class, but something about the serenity of his smile sends electric-buzz butterflies twittering through my torso.

Healthy food is boring!

My face skin is insanely dry. It's like I have a five o'clock shadow of dead skin. It's terrible and hideous, and feels yucky when I move my mouth.

Ophelia, my orchid parted the blinds of her own volition in order to get a decent shot at the sunlight. It's so adorable. I'm worried mom will kill her when I got to London.

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