Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strangers in this world we are

When I was in London I listened to the Darjeeling Limited soundtrack every night. It somehow captures the experience of being very far from home. Also, every time I watch it, I just want to buy three suits, a dozen shirts and dress more or less the same every day.

Only in dreams.

A few weeks ago I had a dream where I was hanging out in a room with Groucho Marx and John Lennon. I was playing chess with Groucho and John was playing on a piano. I was flirting outrageously with both of them, and John was a little jealous due to the attention I was giving Groucho.
It was maybe the best dream I ever had.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Let's just take a moment to appreciate how terribly dashing Charlie Chaplin was.

His perfectly graying hair, his double breasted, three piece pinstripe suite, his devil may care attitude. What an elegant man.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

golden age

There are times in my life when I develop powerful addictions to old movies, and it's generally a terrible thing, because watching these old films fills me with an almost unbearable longing for times past. Times that never even existed. Romanticized, glamorized, generally moviefied times. Where everything is a little less natural, a little exaggerated, and a little bit perfect. Handsome black and white profiles, and ever-red lipstick. Impossibly beautiful vintage clothes, and dance numbers with Fred Astaire in tails, tripping effortlessly across the dance floor. Pencil thin mustaches arching over the lips of William Powell and Clark Gable. It's too beautiful, it's too much, I can't stand it, but I can't look away.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I love technology

My new iphone is my boyfriend. One day society will accept our love.

I lost the volume control on my laptop. It used to be there and now it is simply gone. I don't know what that means.

My week in pictures

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lord of the Rings Style.

Aragorn: Ranger, Elendil's heir, ultra cool King of Gondor, man of fashion.
I think that perhaps I am the only one who is struck with envy and longing for Aragorn's pants. They look so cool tucked into his boots, and they seem to be made out of some sort of wonder fabric that looks soft, like velvet, without making Aragorn look like a silky boy. Tough manly velvet; luxe but earthy. Frankly Aragorn's pants are the Fall staple I have been looking for my whole life. Existing somewhere between brown and black, they add texture to any outfit, but with a sense of fun. They say "yeah my pants are awesome and stylish, but I can go hunt some orc in them."
It may sound like I am kidding, but I am deadly serious (deadly!) I need me a pair of Ranger pants.