Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sundance Volume 4

500 days of summer

Wonderful! So honest and real, despite the heightened colour palette. Joseph Gordon Levitt, I have a big crush on you. You were really fantastic in this film, and you broke my heart on the scene on the park bench. Great soundtrack. Beautiful and funny and new and fresh. I hate to compare it to Annie Hall, but I think that it’s new in the way it approaches relationships the way that Annie Hall is. Let’s face it, I don’t think the movie would have been made without Annie Hall, but it’s original enough on its own to not just be a vague shadow. Zooey Deschanel, I secretly wish I was you, you have so much charisma. Heartbreaking in the happiest way.

Really funny, with dance numbers and many pop culture references which I always like because I am a pop culture junky. This movie has no choice but to become a classic.

An Education

It was all right. I’m not sorry that I saw it, but it really had nothing to say, and said nothing in a not very interesting way. Just rather blasé if I may say so. I thought the ending was a little too wrapped up for my taste. I wanted her to really suffer. It drug, and I was ever so slightly baffled at the voice over at the end. “I said I longed to see Paris, as if I had never been.” What does that mean? Does anyone know what that means. Truly entertaining though, with great costumes and beautiful shots of Paris, but really I think it could just as easily been made for Masterpiece Theatre as for a real movie theatre. It was just sort of same old same old stuff. There was nothing new or edgy about it. I think maybe 20 years ago it would have been new. Also the Q&A with the director afterwards was the most boring one ever.

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