Saturday, January 31, 2009

A letter

Dear Mama,
You know I love you dearly, but I suppose it has never occurred to you that I don't always explain all my motivations to you, and I would deeply appreciate it if you would not tell everyone my business in a manner that suggests that you understand all the deepest inner workings of my mind.
In fact I don't tell you all my motivation precisely because I know you will tell all our relatives of all my actions. I know you enjoy laughing at me for the excuse I gave for no longer wanting to go out with Mr. M. David, so if you must know, I didn't want to go out with him because I found his odor distasteful. A fact I did not want to reveal knowing that you are not to be trusted with information, and knowing that it could all too easily get back to L and then back to poor M. David himself.
It distresses me that you misinterpret my tact for silliness,
You're daughter,
J. Anderson

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