Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chanel no. 5

When Chanel no. 5 comes out with a new commercial they call it a "film" and somehow they always manage to make something sublimely awesome. It's not like they pick a director I like to direct the new Chanel no 5 film they pick my FAVORITE directors: Jean-Pierre Jeunet & Baz Luhrmann. They don't feature actresses that I think are ok, they pick the actresses that make me despair that I will never look like them. I don't know how Chanel knows exactly what will impress me the most, but somehow they do.
The only thing I don't like is the perfume. It smells like an old lady, and as desperately as I want to like it, so that I can prove my love to the commercials I can't...sad..
Here is the newest one with Audrey Tatou, and here is the old classic with Nicole Kidman. Bask in their glow. I want my life to be lit like Jeunets, by day, and like Luhrmann's by night.

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