Saturday, April 11, 2009

All I wanna do is...

This morning, after my dad helped me to change the tire, I went on a bike ride.
Oh my gosh you guys, it was the most fun thing ever! I just kept circling the park because I wanted to keep riding my bike forever. I smiled at all the other people exercising (I am one of you now!) I weaved back and forth on the road. I was unsure if there were cars behind me because I was going so fast that the wind was whirring past my ears. On one of the trails I saw that a family had set up an easter egg hunt, and I briefly considered stealing some eggs (but I knew they would be filled with candy and who needs the empty calories?) It was so good that I had to come up with a new word to describe it...which I will do right now...


Last summer my ever sporty cousin Tabby came to visit and she suggested we go ride bikes. I was so desperately out of shape that I could keep up. I couldn't even make it to the park. During that same summer I tried to ride my bike to the library and I almost exploded. I made it to the library, but I had to sit down for a half hour and recover before heading back home. But now I pedal through the streets with the greatest of ease. Oh blessed bicycle!

I NEVER imagined that I would love physical fitness as much as I do.

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