Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's so sad when they won't let her shop

My friend B and I have a joke about how you feel uncomfortable going to stores where you can't really afford to shop. You go in thinking you look presentable, but the sales person looks you up and down and says, "get your poverty-stricken ass back to Old Navy and buy yourself some 2 for $10 tanks." but they say all of this with their eyes.
I went to Nordstroms the other day with the intent to spend. I'm looking for a nude patent leather pump, and am willing to spend above and beyond my usual price range for such an item because it would go with everything, but once I got to Nordy's it was like I was invisible. Sales people were asking everyone around me if they needed help, but no one said a single word to me. Once I made direct and deliberate eye contact with a sales person. He smiled and walked away. Not even a "hello," or a "are you finding everything all right?" We were in such close proximity that it felt almost like he was going out of his way not to talk to me.
I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, except I wasn't dressed like a prostitute. It's so sad when they won't let her shop.
I really don't mind, I don't particularly like sales people helping me. They make me feel pressured and scared, and if they begin to agree with me I begin to doubt everything I thought I knew because a sales person is agreeing with me, and we all know what liars they are. I've been one, I know they are not to be trusted. It's not that I wanted their help, I just wanted to be offered it, so I feel like taking my business elsewhere. Perhaps to Old Navy where I can get some 2 for $10 tanks.

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