Friday, July 18, 2008

Going to the Movies Alone and My Love for Abe.

Being a fan of Hellboy I have been wanting to go see Hellboy II. Tragically, I seem to be the only person I know who feels this way, and yesterday I went to the movies by myself. It was a most enjoyable experience. I always thought that going to the movies on my own would make me feel like a huge loser, but it wasn't so bad. I have felt like a loser so often in my life that it takes something really impressive to throw me off.
Like the first Hellboy this is not quite great cinema, or great writing, but visually it is unbeatable. It's worth going to see just as a work of imagination, there are so few works of imagination in our modern world, I feel like it's terribly exciting to see something really original.
I also really love the Hellboy characters, and I think my love for them is what makes me like the movies so much. Anti-heroes are always more interesting, and while I enjoy watching attractive people run about as much as the next person, I relate more to the freaks. It's always difficult to feel bad for good looking people.
My favorite of all the characters is Abe Sapien, the fish man, though I liked him better in the first one when David Hyde-Peirce was doing the voice. If I could somehow jump into Hellboy world and marry Abe I think I would. Sure he's a fish man, and there would be some prejudices against our relationship, and who knows what our kids would look like. I know it would be overly complicated, but as far as personality goes, Abe is pretty much everything I've ever wanted. I could live in his sweet library room, and we could read poetry, and listen to classical music, and fight evil together.
At first I think I might be unnerved by Abe's ability to read my thoughts, but really I think it would ultimately be a benefit. He would, literally, know everything about me, and if he knew everything about me and wanted to marry me anyway, than that is the (fish) man that you want to hold onto. I couldn't hide anything, so I would stop trying and perhaps I could finally relax and be myself, whoever that is. Besides his being a fish, he's pretty much everything I've ever wanted in another person. Just another ideal fictional charachter.

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Miss Megan said...

Yay! I love you so much, Jenna! Glad you tried going to the movies along -- not so bad, is it? And I have crushes on atypical characters, too. Somehow they make more sense than reality...