Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Lord of the Rings Style.

Aragorn: Ranger, Elendil's heir, ultra cool King of Gondor, man of fashion.
I think that perhaps I am the only one who is struck with envy and longing for Aragorn's pants. They look so cool tucked into his boots, and they seem to be made out of some sort of wonder fabric that looks soft, like velvet, without making Aragorn look like a silky boy. Tough manly velvet; luxe but earthy. Frankly Aragorn's pants are the Fall staple I have been looking for my whole life. Existing somewhere between brown and black, they add texture to any outfit, but with a sense of fun. They say "yeah my pants are awesome and stylish, but I can go hunt some orc in them."
It may sound like I am kidding, but I am deadly serious (deadly!) I need me a pair of Ranger pants.

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