Monday, March 30, 2009

Welcome to the Jennaisance!

The Jennaissance: A period characterized by the general awesomeness of Jenna, specifically her academic prowess (i.e. 100% on her Novels and Film midterm; the miracle of the B in her philosophy midterm; and the grace and excellence with which she executed an A performance on her French Oral Exam) and her increasing levels of hotness brought on by healthy living, and previously undreamed of physical fitness.
This period in the history of Jenna contrasts sharply with the "Repubescence" in the summer of '08 during which Jenna was the ugliest she's been since puberty. This dark age is marked by Jenna's being some 15 pounds heavier, bad skin, and a chronic eye infection (eventually attributed to an allergy to a specific brand of contact lense cleaner)

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